Javed Nawabi says:

Attending PMP class at ThreeTSystem with Ms. Mahjooba was my greatest studying experience in US. She is such a fantastic instructor that is hard to describe her by words! Her excellent teaching method, outstanding friendly behavior, and extremely high level her knowledge in field of Project management are absolutely amazing. Before joining the PMP class taought by her, I was not even thinking that 5-day long class could so effective! But it was proved that could be!
I recommend her class to anyone being interested PMP.

It was my greatest educational experience in US. Professional environment, excellent materials and the outstanding support I received from Intellectual Point Administration, was amazing!!!!
Above all, the knowledge, energy and extraordinary teaching methodology of Ms. Mahjooba was termindiously impressive and over my expectations. I’m really pleased with the result I got and thank her.

The review session was a great experience to me!!! It helped me understand the inputs, tools & techniques, as well as the outputs of Risk Management in a better way. I would like to thank Intellectual Point Administration and Ms. Majooba’s kindness in particular. Her teaching methodology, continuous efforts, and interest has always exceeded my expectations!

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Mohammad Sidiq says:

The PMP/CAPM review session was very helpful refreshing me of what I have learned from five-day class of August 2018. The Project Risk Management and Network diagram were covered during two hour session which made my confusion clear. The quizzes were wonderful putting everyone’s effort into practice. Thank you so much Mrs. Mahjooba for your hardworking and putting all useful materials together for your students.

Bridget Robinson says:

ThreeTSystem PMP/CAPM Class is of par excellence. My instructor Mahjooba Bianchi was very knowledgeable of PMP framework, paradigms and new trends in the industry. She was ready and prepared for every class and created a learning environment that was conducive for learning with practical business world applications. I feel confident that I will pass the upcoming CAPM exam because ThreeTSystem has prepared me to excel. I highly recommend ThreeTSystem to meet your career endeavors. Bridget P. Robinson, M.A. – Fall Class 2018

Ali K says:

Mahjooba is a great instructor.You could tell she genuinely cared about making the material interesting and comprehensible to everyone.I am very glad that I took this class and I feel I have a solid foundation of project management.Great attitude about teaching, highly recommended”

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Charles G. says:

I had the opportunity to attend a PMP boot camp through ThreeTSystems in August 2018. Now, for a little background, prior to the class I was hearing horror stories from friends who have taken PMP courses with other companies. On top of that, I’m not easily impressed, so, ThreeTSystem had an uphill climb with me from the start. However, I went in with an open mind but ready to sit through, what I thought would be a boring class, just to “check the box” so-to-speak on the PMI PMP prerequisites. My thoughts couldn’t be further from reality. Let me explain.
My instructor, Mahjooba Bianchi, was not only well prepared but enthusiastic. I think enthusiasm is underappreciated. Especially regarding something like teaching PMBOK methodology, which is a subject that could be equated to watching grass grow or paint dry if the instructor doesn’t bring some life to the class. Enthusiasm can go a long way when teaching and can be a tool to help students understand and internalize the information and boy did she master that tool. She brought energy to every lesson with tips and advice for understanding concepts, we played team and individual games to assist with learning and even brought some light-hearted, well-timed jokes to the conversation to add a bit of levity to what could be a stressful environment for some.
She also knew the material extremely well. Some of the folk in the class had never been introduced to these PMBOK concepts prior to this boot camp, so for lack of a better word some were ‘lost’ and confused and rightfully so. The PMBOK material can be very complex, convoluted and lengthy. Mahjooba never skipped a beat, teaching the course in a way we could understand. When questioned or even challenged, she was easily able to use her substantial understanding to explain a topic. If there was something she was unsure of, she never left us with just an “I don’t know,” she made sure to find the answer and circle back with the class. No matter how many questions we had or how long we stayed on a topic for clarity, she never lost patience and topped it all off with a smile.
Mahjooba went above and beyond by giving us her contact information to connect her at ANY TIME with questions or concerns etc. and leveraged a study calendar to keep us on track long after the course completed as well as a testing portal and testing documents for practice. She made sure to frequently go over practice questions and explained how to answer the questions we’d later see on the exam. I still vividly remember her saying constantly, “there may be multiple good answers, look for the *best* answer.”
I took the PMP exam about a month after the conclusion of the class and scored “above target”, for context “target” is passing. I attribute a lot of my exam success to Mahjooba and ThreeTSystem. I’d recommend ThreeTSystem to anyone looking to take, and more importantly pass, the PMP exam

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Yana says:

This is a very helpful review! It helped me to better understand some PMI terms and tips and tricks on how to remember formulas are excellent. I feel I’m more ready for the exam.


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